people are at the heart of wintering

wintering beeswax wraps are lovingly handmade by our founder, Cassie. She is the chief (and sole) beeswax wrap maker.

With an avid interest in art, craft and food (eating, admiring and making food!), beeswax wraps were a natural creative outlet.

Over many months Cassie researched and sourced the very best ingredients. She trialled numerous formulations before settling on our unique beeswax formulation, which provides optimal functionality.

Our organic cotton is pre-washed in ecofriendly laundry liquid. It is pressed and cut to size by hand. Each wrap is coated in a special beeswax formulation and allowed to cure, before being folded by hand and packaged for sale.

Each and every wintering beeswax wrap is handcrafted by Cassie - meaning your beeswax wrap is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind creation - perfectly imperfect.