- using your wintering beeswax wrap -

Simply use the warmth and pressure from your hands to mould and shape your beeswax wraps.

Your beeswax wraps can be used to cover bowls, make snack pouches, roll into cones, wrap half cut fruit, vegetables, bread and other delicious goodies.

Avoid prolonged direct contact with oily or greasy foods. Keep away from direct heat or open flames.

You can use your beeswax wraps with cold cuts of meat or cooked meat. However, avoid direct contact with raw meat. We suggest placing your raw meat in a bowl or container, and covering with your beeswax wrap.

Woman washing a beeswax wrap

- cleaning your wintering beeswax wrap -

Hand wash your beeswax wrap in cold water with a mild dish soap.

Then place your beeswax wrap on a dish rack to air dry or towel dry. If you have used your wrap lightly, you can wipe it with a wet dishcloth and then dry. Biodegradable and alcohol free soaps are best, as both beeswax and tree resin are soluble in alcohol.

Avoid scrubbing your beeswax wraps vigorously or using hot water as this will wear away the beeswax coating.

- get the most out of your wintering beeswax wraps -

We love coming up with new ways to use wintering beeswax wraps. Here's a few little tips and tricks to get you started:

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